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Inflatable Boat Sealant Kit Stops Slow Leaks!

Inland Marine Sealant® is specially formulated for use with inflatable boats, rafts and tow toys. This sealant forms a bond with the interior fabric of the inflatable, stopping or "sealing" slow leaks and preventing future leaks from developing.

In one easy step, leaks are cured from the inside, which are virtually impossible to find from the outside. Inland Marine Sealant is the only product of its kind which allows for future deflation of your inflatable (for storage, etc.) without the skin sticking to itself and making re-inflation virtually impossible. This is why Inland Marine Sealant has earned a 5-Star product rating from West Marine™, and is has been used by the US Navy and Yachters worldwide since 1986.

If you are having a difficult time locating the leak in your raft, kayak, tow toy, or dinghy, you need to use Inland Marine USA Sealant, because our Sealant is especially helpful in fixing those difficult slow leaks that are not easy to find. Our Sealant provides a strong bond that should last for years when applied according to the easy instructions.

It will seal the leak(s) and keep your inflatable firm for years to come. And Inland Marine USA Sealant can be used multiple times, so if your inflatable develops a new leak weeks or years from now, you can use the sealant again!

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How can something so thin be so strong?

Inland Marine USA Sealant flows faster than water. The viscosity of our sealant was specially formulated by our chemist to repair inflatable boats and make them reliable – even in rough seas.

You might compare our Sealant to a sheet of Kevlar. Kevlar can stop bullets; a 2 mil thickness of Inland Marine USA Sealant can stop air up to 90 PSI. In tests, we have even sealed soccer balls and used them in games, bounced them on concrete, and kicked them as hard as we could without leaks.

Since 1986, our sealant has been used by boaters around the world to repair inflatable boats of all kinds. The product is used by professional raft repair companies, US Navy Seals, and individuals like you for inflatable boat repair.

Some manufacturers even use Inland Marine USA sealant to repair boats in their Quality Assurance Test. Slow leaks can be difficult or even impossible to find, but our sealant will solve all your slow leak problems in minutes!

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Liquid Rubber® for Re-skinning Inflatable Boats,
Kayaks, Rafts and Tow Toys.

Inland Marine Liquid Rubber® is truly a unique breakthrough in the rubber field. For the first time we are able to get 100% pure EPDM liquid-form rubber to cure without vulcanizing (applying high heat and pressure at the same time, which is what the manufacturer did when your boat was made). The consistency of honey, Liquid Rubber "paints" on to form a seamless, leakproof membrane of pure rubber. Available in black, one quart will renew a 10-foot boat with a coating 5-7 mils thick, when applied according to the easy-to-follow instructions. (If you can paint a wall, you can do this!)

Since the original skin of most inflatable boats is 5-6 mils thick, Liquid Rubber truly renews and restores your boat to its new condition, even if your boat has lost some of its outer skin and even if the fabric is showing through. Years of use can wear the outer surface of your inflatable; abrasion and UV exposure can make your boat look old and worn-out and can cause slow leaks. Use Inland Marine Liquid Rubber to spot-repair or reinforce those heavy wear spots before they wear through. Or, re-skin the entire boat with Liquid Rubber to add years of serviceability to your boat. Liquid Rubber can be used again and again in the future to restore your boat's original look.

Can I paint Liquid Rubber?

Liquid Rubber is available in Gray, White and Black. You may not want or need to paint your inflatable after you use Liquid Rubber to re-skin it. However, if you do want to paint it, you should use Inland Marine USA’s Topside Paint.

Our Topside Paint is mixed with our Sealant to provide an extra bond and seal for your inflatable. Elasticity is important when painting an inflatable boat and Inland Marine's Topside paint exceeds these requirements. Your inflatable boat will expand and contract when it is exposed to the sun and shade. If the paint you use does not have the elasticity to adjust to these changes, it will crack and peel. Inland Marine USA provides Topside Paint in seven (7) colors so you can paint your boat, or creatively make it unique and easier to find when in a busy port of call.

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Inland Marine USA Topside Paint

This is not the paint your Daddy used on his boat! (And not anywhere close to the paint sitting next to it on the shelf at your marine store.) Inland Marine Topside Paint® is specially formulated to have the elasticity and UV resistance required for use with inflatable boats. Because inflatable boats expand in the hot sun and contract at night in the cooler temperatures, constantly flexing, ordinary paint or vinyl stick-on numbers will not stay on an inflatable boat for more than a few weeks. But we don't stop there! We mix our Sealant in our Topside Paint to further enhance the airtight integrity of your inflatable.

Inland Marine Topside Paint is available in Red, International Orange, Yellow, Royal Blue, Grey, Black or White. (With changing weather conditions in many areas boaters frequent, International Orange or Yellow makes it easy to find your dinghy at the dinghy dock if a "Rum Front" comes through while you're ashore.)

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Nautical Ease Inflatable Boat Prep/Cleaner

Nautical Ease Inflatable Boat Prep/Cleaner cleans and prepares your inflatable boat for best bonding of protective coatings. Any time a topcoat of any type is applied to an inflatable boat, preparing the surface properly is the critical step! Unless ALL dirt, stains, oxidation, grease, and all foreign materials or prior coatings are completely removed, no topcoating will adhere properly. Nautical Ease Prep/Cleaner will do the job!

Nautical Ease Cleaner is safe for all boat surfaces such as Hypalon, PVC/Urethane and Neoprene. Our cleaner dissolves dirt, grease, the white oxidation on red and other color inflatables, even diesel exhaust smudge. Contains no silicones or petroleum distillates, two chemicals that should NEVER be used on inflatable boats, but that are found in most household cleaners. One quart makes 2 gallons. When used for ongoing cleaning and maintenance the cleaner can be further diluted for effectively cleaning not only your inflatable boat but also canvas and other boat surfaces.

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Boat Covers & Storage Bags

Gulf Stream® Covers for inflatable boats are durable, with sewn-in elastic bands along the hemlines and non-abrasive web straps for a tighter, custom fit. Covers include tie-down rope. Available in sizes to fit boats from 9' to 10.5'. Bags are made of the same durable material and will securely stow gear and supplies to keep them dry and organized. Sturdy locking shock cords attach easily to D-ring and eyelets on inflatable boat. Bow Bags and Seat Covers bags are both available.

Fabric is coated Custom Grade 600 denier heavy-duty polyester. This fabric is durable and water repellant, yet breathable to resist mildew.

Inflatable Boat & Raft Repair Kit

Repair nylon/hypalon/neoprene with this tough bonding formula. Kit includes either hypalon or Urethane/PVC adhesive and a 6" x 12" either hypalon or PVC fabric to ensure long lasting repairs on dinghies, sport boats and other inflatable craft.

NOTE: If you are not sure whether your boat or raft is hypalon or Urethane/PVC, contact the manufacturer. Typically, PVC or Urethane is the same color on the inside of the material as on the outside, whereas hypalon is different colors; i.e. dark grey/light grey. An exception to this is red PVC or other boats colored other than grey or white shades.

For additional information on inflatable boat materials, click here to view the "Inflatable Boat Material Reference Chart." This chart is provided as an initial reference and Inland Marine USA recommends you contact the boat manufacurer to verify material composition.

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Numbering ID Kits

Use Inland Marine USA's Numbering/Stencil Kits to apply registration numbers, a name, or a custom message to your inflatable boat or dinghy. Includes letter and number stencils and Inland Marine's specially formulated Topside Paint in an assortment of colors to enhance your boat's style.

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The ClamSeal

The instant repair for all makes of RIB's, inflatables and liferafts. The patented 'ClamSeal' is a compact safety device, which can be quickly inserted into any tear in a tube or fabric floor up to 90mm [3.5 inches]. Hand tightening of the nut is all that is needed before reinflating the tube for an instant repair above or below the waterline, giving you ample time before a permanent repair can be carried out.

The ClamSeal Wins 2004 NMMA Product Innovation Award At MAATS 2004

Quickly Repairs Small Inflatable Tears - Even Underwater - Without Glue The new ClamSeal glueless inflatable repair patch from Barton Marine Equipment was the winner of a 2004 NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) Product Innovation Award at MAATS (Marine Aftermarket Accessories TradeShow) in Las Vegas in July 2004.

The typical solution to a torn or punctured inflatable is a glued patch. But a glue patch repair usually requires that the boat be dry and out of the water. The ClamSeal addresses this problem instantly. The patented, compact, inexpensive and reusable ClamSeal can be quickly inserted into any tear in a tube or fabric floor up to 3 1/2 inches. Hand tightening of the nut is all that is needed before re-inflating the tube for an instant repair which can last indefinitely before a permanent repair can be carried out. Suitable for any inflatable tube or fabric surface, The ClamSeal will instantly repair a small tear, even underwater. An inflatable can now be repaired offshore quickly and safely without assistance.

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